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When you stand in front of your wardrobe full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear, it's time to get some professional help! Inquire today with The Stylish Morena to get your wardrobe & your style sorted!


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“My dashing man elevated the dress standard in the workplace.”

I volunteered my boyfriend, Mario (without his knowledge) to undertake a styling session with Czarina. Mario may have a pretty face but he needs a bit of help with his wardrobe. His go-to outfit is track pants and training shoes. For other events or occasions, I usually take over and decide for him. 

The first meet up between Mario and Czarina went smoothly - a comprehensive consultation which also included going through his existing wardrobe. It was definitely very interesting. Czarina gave her honest opinion and at the same time provided her expertise in taste and style which remained consistent to Mario's personal preferences. 

Their second meet up (the most exciting part) was the shopping! Czarina had already picked out multiple shirts, trousers and accessories for Mario which were waiting to be picked up at each store. Mario was amazed that every single piece fitted him perfectly and matched his style preference.

Fast forward to today - almost 2 months - Mario's boss commented at a company dinner that my dashing man elevated the dress standard in the workplace.

I can't thank you enough Czarina!

- Almira and Mario, Bondi Junction NSW

“I really needed some direction…”

 I am that girl who buys pieces of clothing without thinking whether it’s going to complement my wardrobe or even if it’s MY style. It got to the point where I had so many different pieces and very little combinations. I did culls every season yet this didn’t bring a solution to my problem. I really needed some direction in terms of mixing and matching as well as how to shop consistently with my wardrobe.

Then I met Czarina and life of wardrobing changed. Not only did I discover how easy it was to downsize (seriously, I’ve been doing it wrong) but I also had most of the pieces to make my style a reality. Not to mention, Czarina has such a bubbly personality that we couldn't stop laughing the whole time!

If you look at your wardrobe every morning and get a headache, ask Czarina. You will not see your wardrobe the same way again.

- Kay, Chiswick NSW

I have known The Stylish Morena for more than a decade now. We were classmates in Uni and she always dressed to impress, a trend-setter. I’m very happy that she pursued her passion. Fast forward to 2017, whilst scrolling through Instagram, I saw an offer that was just too good to resist. I’m very much impressed on how easy it was for her to identify and understand the essentials I needed in my wardrobe. She really knows her business 100% and it seemed so effortless for her to engage her clients. I learned a lot about fashion and style in our 4 hour consultation on how to mix and match clothing and how to look more presentable and confident with my outfit. I really can’t thank Czarina enough on how much she helped me achieve and identify the fashion style I was leaning in to.
— Lawrence R., Wollstonecraft NSW


“She practically made my wardrobe flexible…”

I am so happy to share my experience with #thestylishmorena who did the shopping, personal styling and wardrobe make over for me. This beautiful professional stylist is Czarina and she is amazingly talented in her craft.

She practically made my wardrobe flexible so I could wear anything applicable for any occasion! Unbelievably we bought 14 items (clothes, footwear and accessories) for a very affordable price and I could not ask for more! She knows where to shop according to your needs and would not go over your budget.

What she did has made me more confident of myself especially in going out and not worrying about what clothes to wear. A lot of tips learned from her indeed. I admit I had less time for myself as I was too focused on my new role as a mum, a wife and at the same time doing a full time job.

If you are like me, a busy person who wants to pamper yourself, feel more confident and beautiful, I would highly recommend The Stylish Morena to do the work for you!

Thank you so much The Stylish Morena!

- Glee Ann, Campsie NSW